Mike Kresse is a New York City based furniture designer and craftsman with a background in sculpture. Hailing from Chicago; a city with a rich early modern architectural heritage, he developed a keen eye and strong opinion regarding design while studying fine art as a young man. Moving to New York in 2004, he took work in a wood shop making clean lined, German style cabinetry for high end clients around the city; further developing his own sense of aesthetic while learning the fine points of woodworking. In 2006 Mike met Emma Fletcher; an established clothing designer and collage artist originally from Sydney. The two immediately embarked on a personal and professional partnership that has proved very fruitful; launching Emma’s acclaimed clothing line Lyell. Most recently the pair released Kresse; their simple, handsome American made line of furniture.

The couple have an organic, hands on design process that generally begins with Mike creating full scale prototypes in his Bushwick studio which are then revised and edited by Emma, then further refined at the shop. Much more than a furniture designer, however, Mike Kresse is an artful creator of entire spaces with several charming cafes, retail stores, and many residential interiors in his portfolio. Looking to the architectural luminaries of his hometown such as Mies van der Rohe; he envisions a space as a comprehensive whole when taking on a project. From the flooring to the furniture, every detail is scrutinized and reigned in to be at once warm and inviting, yet clean and minimal. With Emma’s highly developed sense of color and texture, together they compose environments and furnishings for them with elegance and an effortless charm.


All furniture is made to order in the U.S. with currently a 6-12 week lead time. 


Kresse furniture is available direct to consumers and trade at sales@kressenyc.com